I apologize if this is already addressed in another thread. I used the search function, but came up with 0 matches for the simple term 'usb.'

So. I have Mandriva Free 2006 installed. I have installed the kernel source, and was able to get ndiswrapper working.

However, when I plug the Belkin USB adapter in, "ndiswrapper -l" shows the correct .inf, reports "driver present," but it missing that all-important "hardware present."

I've done some looking around, and saw that perhaps I needed some updated packages?

Mandriva Linux 2006.0/X86_64:

I'm just not familiar enough to tell if those packages even apply to my problem. It's supposedly a fix for Dynamic not calling scripts correctly when hardware is plugged/unplugged.

I'm sure it's a simple setting somewhere that I've missed. Thanks for the help!