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    Install cannot find CD Medium

    I'm running Mandriva Linux 2005 LE.
    When I attempt to install additional software packages from the Configure Console or if the OS needs a dependency not yet installed, I am prompted to insert CD1\2\3 but the machine claims it cannot find the disk.

    It opens the CD drive, prompts me "Please insert the medium named Installation CD1 on device [/dev/cdrom]"
    I do as requested, but it just opens the drive again and repeats the request.
    I am able to download and install from source but this has me baffled.

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    Your problem is very puzzling and hard to 'get hold of' to diagnose. Thinking about it - if it happened to me - I would think about the following:

    are you able to mount and unmount the cd normally, aside from this problem you're having? I'm thinking about data cds.

    have you tried this from a terminal?

    dmesg | tail -40 (also consider just typing dmesg and looking at the *whole* output)

    I used to have a cd error, and that command would allow me to look at how the kernel handled the device at boot time. Any obvious errors should show up. Having said that ...

    Did you build your own PC and if so, how is the master/slave relationship handled on your system? Is that your primary cd drive or do you have another one set up? Sometimes it can be a problem between conflicting or misconfigured channels.

    Have you checked the surfaces of your cd media? Clean or dirty? That's an outside bet.

    EDIT: I realised (when I got home) that you need to be root to run 'dmesg'. A better search might be to run: dmesg | grep CD
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