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    updating firefox

    Being a complete Linux beginner I'm very happy with all the things I've got working on my own so far. But I can't seem to find any clear instructions for updating my firefox. Is there an easy answer to my question? How do I update firefox 1.0.7 to 1.5 in Mandriva 2006?

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    try using urpmi firefox.

    if 1.5 is not there, just download it from and install it.
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    You don't have to "install" the Linux version of firefox that you get. It runs out of the box. What I did was just extracted the "firefox" folder in the archive to my home directory and pointed all of my links to /home/marcus/firefox/firefox . That's what my default browser is, that's what my shortcuts point to, and then I just copied all of the plugins files from /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins to the plugins folder in the new firefox folder. It works absolutely perfect for me, plus because I've got a stand alone actual mozilla version instead of the distro version, I can install/update things, including the browser straight from Mozilla the second browser updates are available like normal instead of waiting on my distro company to update the distro version. After copying the plugins files it's safe to uninstall the version that came with your distro with urpme mozilla-firefox. Happy browsing.

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    Just to chip in my 2 pence worth, you may find that updating FF breaks embedded java and Realplayer support in your browser. This isn't too hard to fix, but it can be puzzling if it happens.

    Putting it right again involves creating some new symbolic links to relevant library files.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pathenger
    Is there an easy answer to my question? How do I update firefox 1.0.7 to 1.5 in Mandriva 2006?
    You may find the following link helpful:

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