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    Unhappy KDE Update and User Login Problems

    I thought I was just updating Evolution, but something went BSOD on my Mandrake Community 10.1 just after the update/download process, so I hit the power button.
    Reboot went smoothly, but whooosh, all of a sudden I've got KDE 3.2 (no complaints so far),and my normal auto-login with no-password of user "Mister" didn't do it's magic.
    Instead I get a fancy little panel offering me who I want to log in as.
    I pick/type "Mister", and because I used to allow login with no password, tried to log in with no password. It seems to accept, then it brings me back to the login screen.
    I tried "Mister" with my password, and that did the same thing. No joy.
    I tried root, and it logged me in with a RED background screen.
    So I tried to switch some toggles in userdrake, but I couldn't see anything that was likely to help. And it didn't.
    SO I go back to the front panel and log in as "Missus", which most fortunately works without password, because I don't know what the password is, and now logging in as root doesn't do the red screen thing anymore, it just dumps me back at the logon screen.

    I try using userdrake from the "Missus" account, but /usr/sbin/userdrake says it's not around. So I tried from a shell, going su first, and then userdrake tells me there's some symbols not working.

    I really don't want to lose everything, can someone show me the road to user account management success here ?


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    The root account in Mandriva Linux has a red background, that's just the way it's set up. It's kind of a deterrent to keep some Linux noobs from using it as their primary account. I can't help you with the rest though, sorry. Just wanted to let you know the red screen is nothing unusual.

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