Hey, Well, I hope this won't be as long a post as I fear. I use Mandriva Free 2006. I have an Atheros wireless card built into my laptop. The exact model number of the card is AR5213. I downloading the latest MadWifi sources from cvs, compiled them (no errors, a couple warnings), and did a make install. I did a depmod -a and then modprobe ath_pci and it said module ath_pci could not be found. Upon moving the files the make install had created to the correct folders that error went away. Ifconfig ath0 shows the card healthy. This is going to sound like an incredibly supid question, but what now? I tried configuring a new wireless "profile" in the Mandriva control center, and it detects my card perfectly, but insists that it cannot continue without the package "madwifi", which I of course already installed. Sigh. When I try to select the driver "madwifi_pci" manually, it just boots me back to the "choose a device/driver retrieval method" (the screen where i select my wireless card) screen. It seems to be called madwifi_pci, and not madwifi. Could that be confusing Mandriva? I'm stumped, and being new dosen't help either. Thanks in advance for any help!

EDIT: Fixed it. For those who may have the same problem, I typed "ifconfig ath0 up" in terminal, went into reconfigure network interface in the control center and set the ssid and channel(id), enabled track network card id, applied and bingo.