I'm a near-newby running Mandriva 2006 Free on an ASUS-A7N8X-X Board, AMD-2600 CPU, 512-DDR400. This board has in-board nVidia sound, and I'm having no success at doing all the things I've read on forums about Linux-sound with nVidia. I put the kernel sourcefiles in, ran the d'loaded file from nVidia. It seemed to remake the kernel before saying that sound was installed. I ran alsaconf from terminal after studying enough Bash to use terminal a frac. This ran and said the 'modprobe.conf' file had been updated. Apart from an occasional muffled rumble on logon, I have no sound. Neither alsamixer or Kmixer seem to be nulled. I did find out how to use the urpmi thing, and used it to install libdvdcss2 - could this have scrambled the sound? I also installed OpenOffice-2 from a mag-CD... Might this in some way affect things? I'm learning by trawling forums and Googling, as I don't know anyone here (Sydney, Australia) using Linux, and the Sydney User's Group is too expensive for me to join, so far. (on disability pension) Could somebody please point me to a simple, step-by-step sound-enabling tute that a mere (but very 'ex' !) Windows Tech can follow? There has to be one somewhere - I can't be the only one running the utterly superb Mandriva in a sad silence! Thanks in advance, and regards to all whose informative postings I've been studying.