I just installed Mandrake 10.2 as my only OS.

The 3 CDs work.


But I want to dual boot XP and Mandrake.

I am going to reinstall XP and delete MAndrake.

I already read the dual boot installation tutorial, but that was for 2003, and it requires a
floppy drive.

My note book doesn't have a floppy drive.

So, by now there should no longer be a need for a floppy to install 2005, right?

what is the easist was to dual boot from a clean XP install.

1. Create 2 partitions 1 ntfs and 1 fat32
if so, are those the only parts I need or do I create a 500 MB in front, and another for the swap?
boot? [ xp ] swap? [ mandrake ]

2. Create 1 partition and use Partiton Magic to create a Linux part?
Where do I put the bootloader? In front of MBR or in front of root?