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Thread: memory problem

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    memory problem

    Hi everybody,

    My memory problem view by "top command":
    Initial state:
    total --> 775 Mo
    used --> 325 Mo
    free --> 450 Mo

    Final state:
    total --> 775 Mo
    used --> 760 Mo
    free --> 15 Mo

    I don't understand why my linux Mandrake Professionnal v9.2 (linux kernel v2.4.22 ) goes from the initial to final state as described above.
    - three days ago, I added a 512Mo DRAM memory (dane-elec) to the 256Mo already in the server (HP tc2120)
    - The swap memory doesn't change (total=506Mo, used=0, free=506Mo)
    - when I add all the memory size used by all the processes on the system in the final state, I find only 370 Mo!

    The question: where are all the other ~400Mo ?

    Can someone please tell me what to do, it's very urgent.

    Thanks very much in advance.

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    I am not sure what the above babling says?
    Basically you have added ram.. and your swap has not gone up?

    Is that about right?
    Thats all i can make of it?
    Please rephrase.

    If it is the above, SWAP is like virtual memory is on PPC, and windows.
    It is a spare access memory location located on the hard drive. It is only used if all the RAM is used. Thus it is a bad thing as it runs at a slower access time.

    Maybe give us the output of
    That shows us memory, swap and cache.


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    The solution is found.
    I believed on "top" but it wasn't the right command, it has another use(%CPU).

    Actually, and you are right, the command "free" shows me where my potential memory has gone, it was buffered/cached and still free for the system( column-->"free"; line-->"-/+ buffers/cache" ).

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