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    Mandrake linux 10.1 problem

    I have installed mandrake 10.1 on a formally xp machine. however when linux boots it only goes to "checking root file system" then it stops and sits forever. Is this normal? How can i fix it. here is my systme if it helps any.

    amd xp2600+
    1 Gb ram
    Ati x1300 256 mb
    asus a7n266-c mainboard
    20 gig HD just for linux
    two 80 gig HD for xp
    500 watt PSU

    xp works excellent, but linux will not work, i would like try linux but it will not boot. Thanks for anyone who checks this out.

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    If it stops at the "checking rootfilesystem" this is usually not a good sign. In most cases this means that the harddisk wasn't partitioned cleanly, thus the systems might detect problems with the clusters that it cannot solve easily. However, under normal circumstances, the system should be able to launch at least the fsck tool. But before examining the drive any further, you should try to boot your system with one of the following options. When the bootloader appears, press "Esc" or "f1" in order to go to advanced mode. From there you can launch the following bootparameters

    linux noapic
    linux nolapic
    linux nodma
    linux nolapic noapic

    The last one is usually the best option.
    Hope that helps.

    PS: The best Mandrivaforum can be found here:
    If you have real problems with Mandriva, this is the most likely place where it will get answered fast and in an understandable way.

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    Thanks alot I'll try that and if i ever resolve this i will post back how i fixed it so others can see. Although i doubt many people have this problem. lol

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