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    Second hard drive installation issue

    Trying to install a second hard drive on a Mandriva 2006 Free system. Every time I boot, I get an error that hdc1 has errors, and it forces me into the diagnostic, which always ends up locking up. So, I dropped into maintenance mode and ran cfdisk. I deleted the existing partitions, created a new one, and rebooted. Got the same error. So, I dropped into maintenance mode and ran cfdisk again. This time I get a "segmentation fault" error and it just stops.

    So I did fdisk, deleted the partition, created a new one, and rebooted. Again, the hdc1 has errors message with the mandatory maintenance.

    Clues, anyone? Please?

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    Unhappy Please...?

    Anybody . . . ?

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    Not easy to solve. I think you should copy and paste the error messages as best you can and post them in here. Not all error messages are descriptive of the exact problem. Something to think about is how you have your hdds set up and on which IDE channels.

    I've known people to have problems when they don't have the right drives on the right IDE channels ... this can cause the kernel to become "confused" during installation. I don't think Windows is quite so fussy about this.

    Shooting in the dark a bit there, but it's a start.

    You might also want to read up about running fsck:

    Even if this doesn't help you with this it'll come in useful at some stage, but it can be used to repair file systems.
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    Got it!

    Thanks for the reply.

    I solved the problem. Yippee!

    Apparently, Mandriva doesn't like a partition unless it created it itself at installation. I reinstalled the system, and when I got to the part where the drives get partitioned, I examined the second hard drive (/dev/hdc) and discovered that despite what I'd done earlier with both cfdisk and fdisk, the partitions had never been touched. So when I reinstalled Mandrive, I formatted both hard drives over from scratch, redoing all of the partitions, and it worked like a charm. (I had a similar problem when I tried to install Mandriva the first time, with just the one drive.)

    Now if I can only get SAMBA to play nice with my Windows network . . .

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