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    Control Center problems


    Whenever I run the Control Center the "Loading... please wait" screen is on for at least five full minutes (which is an arguably long time) (it carries on even after "Starting Mandriva Control Center" has long disappeared from the bar). Then, after waiting for it to do anything (and not being able to do anything worthwhile as the loading screen stays on top of all the windows) it finally loads. Then, if I click anything, for example 'Set up the way the computer boots up', it stays on the screen with the flashing graphic for such a long time that I thought it wasn't ever going to load.

    These things used to be instant, what's happened?

    On a side note, I tried installing a printer, but now if I want to configure print queues and such, Printerdrake crashes and I have to terminate it.

    Any help in the matter would be appreciated greatly.

    Off topic: (I didn't want to start a new thread) My USB Stick doesn't automatically mount. Help a Linux newbie out and tell me how one would mount it



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    You can do everything that you would do in the control panel on cli, so just google for specific things you need to do and you should be set, and also learn a few things while you're at it.

    On the usb issue, add it to fstab (A google search will tell you what to put also) and then make sure hotplug is on, and it will automatically start up when you stick it in.


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    Did you apply any updates recently? Run as root in a terminal
    and unplug the printer for now. Check for error messages in /var/log/messages and run as root in a terminal "dmesg" and check for errors there, too. If you find some, post them, so we might know what's wrong with your box.
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