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    Mandriva 2006 - option to use Grub?

    I would appreciate help with the following please.

    I run Fedora core 5 and XP - loaded using Grub from the Fedora system.
    I intend to load up Mandriva also to get some experience with it.
    I would prefer to keep things simple and not have a setup involving Grub AND Lilo.

    Will the installation process give me the option to use Grub? I've been reading up on Mandriva and have seen conflicting statemenets on this.


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    I've not tired it, but I know the option to use LiLo or Grub is there.

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    Yeah, the option is present during the installation options.
    But will that overwrite (or not ?) the previous grub configuration, i.e. letting you the charge of retelling grub what are the real loadable elements found among all the things it could detect ? I hope not.

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    it overwrites the grub in the mbr, but the grub config file from the previous OS is left untouched and you can get back to that one if necessary. it does work though and basically points grub to the grub config in the new os.
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    grub is an option but.......

    I tried installing Mandriva this afternoon.
    The good news:
    It DOES give the choice of Grub or Lilo.
    The bad news:
    It gives no option (at time of creating the bootloader) to add in other OS.
    It failed to detect Fedora (it did detect XP).

    The really bad news:
    Install hung after creating the bootloader while trying to set up my ethernet card (which works perfectly under XP, Fedora and Suse). This was in the Summary phase. I had to power off to get out of it.
    I rebooted to see what I was left with: The Grub loader included Mandriva, Mandriva-fb(?), XP and failsafe.
    Booting into XP worked fine.
    Booting the other 3 failed trying to set up eth0.

    And I thought my problem would be Grub / Lilo !!!!!!


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    Mandriva has Grub and lilo since many many years available. You can even make a grub-bootdisk with Mandriva with two clicks.
    Yes, grub will not detect Fedora or other Linuxes, however changing the /boot/grub/menu.lst file and adding the fedora entries with cut & paste is not very hard to do. Fedoras Grub won't detect other Linuxes, either.
    Mandriva-fb is a bootoption that does not make use of the framebuffer mode.
    If it fails to set up eth0, press ctrl+c for bypassing that and continuing the boot-process.
    If you want to have your Fedora grub back in place, boot the fedora rescue cd, then
    chroot /mnt/sysimage
    /sbin/grub-install /dev/hda (if hda is your primary harddisk)
    You will be able to boot Fedora now. From there you can again copy and paste the Mandriva boot entries to Fedoras /boot/grub/menu.lst file.

    BTW: Which version of Mandriva are you testing? 2006 or an older one?
    edit: Never mind, just noticed that it is Mandriva 2006.
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    Thanks for the reply. The Grub info is helpful
    I scrubbed the Mandriva system rather than leave it in the state it was in.
    Over the next few days I will try to install it again.
    Re using control+C when it fails on eth0:
    The install did not fail on eth0 - it just hung. Control/Alt/Del did not work and I had to power off to get out of it.
    If it again hangs on eth0 while trying to bring up the network, is there anything I can do to complete the installation without eth0? Assuming I can get it to complete the installation without eth0, what log(s) can I then look at to find out what is happening with bringing up eth0?

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    I want to add a question more

    at my disk my first system is debian installed hda 3 partition
    and second mandriva 2006 at hda1

    I looked at /boot/grub at mandriva and there is only menu.lst.example file
    not a file as at debian so I couln't boot mandriva

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    which boot loader did you select during Mandriva installation? is there any lilo.conf file in /etc folder?
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