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    Mandriva Installation

    I have heard alot about Linux and want to give it a try. Considering that I am a moderate user of Windows, I would like to know detailed instructions that I should follow in order to successfully install Linux Mandriva (any version) on my PC. I have formatted/installed Windows several times and heard that Mandriva is relatively same to work with.

    I currently have WIndows XP Home Edition installed on my Laptop and want to ADD Linux on the same laptop. This laptop is an Intel Celeron M Processor with 760 MB of RAM. I only have two partitions of the hard drive; C: and D:. C: has Windows and Program Files and D: only has Recovery files. C: is NTFS and D is FAT32.

    Now, I would appreciate your advice/instructions on how to install any version of Mandriva. All help would be greatly appreciated but if you are specific it will be easier for me to follow.


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    - Download the free isos and burn them as CD-images (otherwise, they won't boot)
    - Back up all important data (just in case).
    - Set your BIOS boot sequence to booting from CD first.
    - Insert the CDs, boot up the computer and hit enter for installation. If you run into problems (e.g. due to power management), start the installation with the following parameters:
    linux noapic nolapic (very rarely needed)
    - Follow the instrtuctions of the installer. When you get to the partitioning sequence, select manual partitioning
    - Select drive D (it will probably be named hda5 or something like that. The first partition should be hda1). Erase that partition. Now create three partitions:
    /swap right after the Windows NTFS partition (512 MB swap should be more than enough)
    / (=/root) in ext3 mode, where your system files will be stored, roughly 5GB (more than enough)
    /home in ext3 mode for your user-files (docs, music, etc.), as big as you like.
    Now simply follow the install procedure until the end. When asked about the bootloader, let the system install the bootloader into the masterbootrecord (MBR), otherwise you cannot boot into Mandriva. Mandriva will automatically set up a dual-boot system (winXP/Mdv2006) on your laptop.
    For everything else I suggest following this:
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    THanks alot Kojak.
    I am pretty sure that the problem during installation was due to a bad burn. I burnt the ISO's on CD-RW's and will try again with normal CD-Rs now. Hopefully this works.

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    try the live distro of mandriva first, mandrakemove, see if you like it first and it wouldnt modify or leave anything on your hard drive

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