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    Red face Problems with Codeweavers Crossover, Please help a noobie!

    Hey there folks,

    Now I am a complete noob not just to Linux but to computers as a whole, Now I have downloaded Codeweavers Crossover to my Linux box via RPM, Now it WAS on my girlfriends desktop, My desktop and in the root user account.

    However after trying to load ie6 on my girlfriends desktop the crossover programs decided to go awol from her desktop
    If any of you folks can help me out it would be much appreciated,

    Many thanks in advance

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    Linux Guru lakerdonald's Avatar
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    Jun 2004
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    So what exactly is the problem? Are you getting an error or something? Please elaborate.

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    No errors , No nothing thats the problem.

    Nope no errors just no codeweavers crossover program on my girlfriends desktop, I have it on mine and in root user, but it dissapeared from hers after i tried to load Internet Explorer 6

    Not sure whats happened i just want windows programs on my girlfriends desktop so she'll start to use Linux.

    Thanks folks,

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    Which distro and which window manager/desktop environment is on that desktop?

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    System is

    KDE and Mandriva 2005 LE

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    Wink Oh well many thanks.

    Oh well many thanks for all the help, i still don't know why codeweavers dissapeared from my girlfriends desktop but i have rectified the situation by uninstalling completly and then going back to the rpm that i had saved on my d drive,

    I would have liked to have known why it dissapeared and what i could have done to rectify this had i not had the program saved but good things come to those who wait,

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    O.K its not sorted!

    Humph thought i had sorted the problem by reinstalling that has worked in root and my account however my girlfriends account still dosent have it!

    Please please help this is driving me nuts!

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    Where did you get your copy of Crossover? Is there nothing in the install documentation that could help?
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    Hey there techieMo

    Hey there,

    I downloaded crossover from the codeweavers website, Unfortunatly I am unable to consult them on this issue as I didn't pay for it a friend of mine has an account with them and he dowloaded it for me using his details

    Seems no matter what I do I just can't get the program back on my girls desktop,

    many thanks folks,

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