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    SOS Wireless Enquiry

    We are running Mandriva 2006 Christmas club edition at home.

    We have an ACTIONTEC wireless DSL modem/router.

    We connect to this router via a Netger WG311v2 USB adapter.

    Now the issues:

    1. MCC can see the Netgear Adapter.
    2. The wireless tab in MCC says that we are connected to our network.
    3. When we try and ping our network's (router's) ip address, we get "Destination host unreachable".
    4. We have our system set to "DHCP"
    5. We were briefly online. However, when we started this box the next day, we could not get back on the net, although the wireless tab says we're connected.
    6. We have even disabled the onboard lan adapter in BIOS.

    We have heard that this particular USB adapter can be nearly impossible to setup properly. We have it installed with the XP driver (.inf file) using Ndsiwrapper. We know we are most likely making several mistakes, although we don't know what those mistakes are. We are surely at our wits end with this as we are forced to use w2k to go online, which we don't want to do.

    We are willing to re-install the system and can take whatever directions are given (we are not wireless savy) as long as they are in a step-by-step format.

    We would be most sincerely grateful for any assistance that anyone could provide.

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    Firstly, i'd be checking that the Wireless card has an IP address from the DHCP Server.
    will tell you this.

    Failing that, i'd check the signal strength with
    That'd be my first steps, try those and see what you get
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    Our problem is solved. We returned the Netgear USB adapter to the shop it was purchased from and obtained a Linkys wireless USB adapter instead. We installed the cd software on w2k and then copied the .inf & .sys files to a folder that could be accessed from Mandriva. We successfully installed this device via MCC. The only hiccup is that on startup, we have to re-enable the WPA/PSK security level before we go out on the web. Sometimes the internet connection gets dropped and we have to re-enable it through MCC. That's allright by us-This adapter works great compared to Netgear!

    The moral of this story (for us anyway) is stay away from Netgear wireless products. Our DSL connection runs faster with this adapter than on my wife's new hp laptop. Go figure.

    Thanks again to everyone for their assitance and support.

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