Hi. I already read the previous post on the subject, but found no answer to this problem.

my system has a a8nsli deluxe asus motherboard. I used the silicon image 3114 on board controller to set up a raid 0 configuration. Installed XP on this raid volume. Later i added a single disk (maxtor serial ata 250gb) and installed linux mandriva 2006. everything works fine, except the installation process did not create the special device to SEE the raid volume, nor it ccreated the /dev/mapper/ directory as well.

It is funny because during the installation, in the partitioning phase, the volume was correctly seen and mounted..

the disk shows up in konqueror, but the mount command returns

mount: the special device /dev/mapper/sil_agacdjdfaedj1 does not exist

and..in fact, there is no "mapper" directory under /dev
any clue?
Thanks in advance