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    Mandriva will not boot to GUI

    Installed Mandriva 2006 onto a Dell GX620 w/SATA drive 512MB of memory, USB mouse and keyboard with no difficulty. Everything loaded fine. The last step, of couse, is a system reboot.

    The computer produces all the standard messages and stops at the following prompt:

    ace login:_

    where the underscore blinks. The screen will not accept in kb input. The screen eventually goes black and will not respond.

    Using the 'failsafe' option results in the same thing.

    This is not a dual boot computer, WinXP was blown away!

    Any help will be appreciated!

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    I had the same problem with a couple of distros using a dell usb keyboard. The workaround was to use a regular ps/2 keyboard to get everything up and running, then reconfigure the keyboard as usb, reboot with new usb keyboard. Hope it works in Mandriva...
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    Its because at setup you didnt config your moniter I did the same thing.
    You have to re-install it.

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    If it is only the monitor, run XFdrake from the command line as root. It will help you to set up a working GUI.
    About the keyboard: You can buy a small USB-PS2 adapter, thus using your Keyboard as a PS2 unit. That helped me on another distro for setting everything up. No need to reinstall yet.
    One question remains: Which graphic card do you have? Some are very problematic under Linux.
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    yup, if you didnt install a monitor and tested correctly gui aint going to work. i did that . cant get mandrake to work with nvidia card in vurtualPC so switching common vga and reinstalling.

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    aaa crud!! pc froze before i could find a proper video card! i really don't reinstall (again). How do i change the video card config from the prompt (localhost login)

    mandrive10.2 2005 ver on virtual pc (P4 1g-ram 6200nvidia)

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    Read my previous post: Run as root


    or hack your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file with an editor like vi.
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    i erm.forgot my root password.the one is use doesn't want to work.
    so re-installing it and checking as i go along

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    Mandriva will not boot to GUI

    Thanks to everyone who responded. When I removed the add-in video, and used the onboard video, the computer booted and premitted me to login without a reinstall.
    The add-in video was some noname highend card which was installed by Dell made in China with an Intel 945 chipset.

    Regarding the USB kb and mouse problem. The Dell GX620 does not have PS/2 ports, it has 5 USB ports in the rear and 2 in the front. I found that 2 are activated and by unplugging and replugging the kb and mouse, the devices will work.

    But thanks again, its a small price to pay(removal of the video card). The resolution of the onboard card is still capable of 1024x768. Our plans are to use it as a small LTSP server for 8-10 like Dells should work since the processor is multi-threaded.


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    found the "problem"undervirtual pc the video card does not want to work 24bit so 16bit it fine now

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