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    mandriva and server

    I have setup a computer room using Mandriva Linux. There are 3 client pc's and 1 server.

    I am running a d-link 504t adsl 4 port router to share broadband and the network.

    There are 35 individual users using the 3 clients. I have setup a 1and1 account where I get 300 pop3 email accounts and each individual user gets their own email addy.

    (1) how do i setup the server and the clients to see each other on the network even when not connected to broadband?

    I understand the principles of dhcp and tcp/ip and general networking.

    (2) I want the server to control the users login. How do I setup the server so that all the email addresses are on the server and all logins are on the server - so that when the user goes onto a client machine - all they have to do it type in their username and password and they are logged onto the machine.

    Does linux have the capability on its own of setting up something like windows version of exchange?

    The reason that I have used linux over windows is because the version I am using is free and because we are a charity based organization we cannot afford the 2000+ cost of running windows.

    Also, all of the users have never seen or used windows before or a computer before so they will not know the difference between windows and linux anyway.


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    Maybe that helps a little bit:

    For syncronised installations, use the "auto-install" tool that Mandriva provides.
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