I've been running Linux on intel since '95 (Yggdrasil was my first version). Last winter for kicks I picked up a PPC 7100 put in a G3 daughter card and loaded up Mandrake 10.1. Undoubtably the hardest linux install I've ever done. The initial installation process involved memorizing about 13 steps that I had to do with a dark monitor. Let's just say persistence

This week I canned my old intel P90 box. With this version of PPC and Mac9.1 you use BootX from the Mac System. Unfortunately, I was using the PPC box and instead of choosing Shutdown, I chose Restart when logging out.

It log back on to a light grey blue screen and mouse arrow but nothing else. I think I've done this once before and you can fire up the box and hold some keys down and it will reinstall whatever it is it needs boot the Mac 9.1 OS. I've tried the Option, Apple, P and R keys to reset the pram. And I've tried the Option, Apple, O and F keys.

Anyone have a clue?