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    Unhappy KDE cpu usage problems

    I am using Mandriva 2006.0 with all updates including KDE 3.5.2. I had this problem with KDE 3.4.2 then went to KDE 3.5.1 then to KDE 3.5.2 and problem does not go away. KDED suddently starts using much of the CPU. It will start fairly low, like 40% then ust creep upward to 95%+. Other problems also such as file systems on firwire stop working. I was watching a movie and suddently it stopped working (no other work going on). Apparently KDE also wiped out the fat32 file system on firrewire drive as apparently KDED is perusing the file systems. I can kill KDED, which helps sometimes, but files systems often get clobbered (not main drive) have to be completely redone and formated and mounted as superblock gets wiped out and can not be repaired or changed. All data on the file system is lost. And since this is my external 300 GB drive, it is a lot of data

    I tried Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora C5, Suse 10.1, and Debian. ALL have same problem with KDE, not just Mandriva. IT IS ENOUGH TO ALMOST MAKE ONE WANT TO RETURN TO WINDOWS!!! I have searched the web for an answer. MANY people have the same or very similar problem, but apparently KDE Org does not acknowledge it or have any fix. And problem is not new as it goes back (with me ) to KDE 3.1 or even before. Personally I am removing KDE from my computer unless an immediate answer is found.

    Some have suggested battery backup problems, others NAT, or some other program. A few people have suggested "out of disk space", but I have 60GB availalbe main drive and 280GB on others. None of these ideas helped as I tried all. ANY IDEAS???

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    I know its not a fix, but kde is heavy, have you tried xfce,fluxbox or enlightenment?

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    Not yet

    Hi and thanks for reply. I will try those for sure. Yes KDE is very heavy. By the way, since I posted the comment, KDE has been working flawlessly. But I am dumping it anyway. I know its pattern.

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