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    plz help me..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    i'm using mandriva 2006.i've dual boot i.e XP and mandriva...Recently for the installation of pop the two thrones I made my harddisk parition ntfs fomat.But the mandriva is not able 2 open that partition..plz can u help me how can i be able 2 use even that partition or go 2 another linux distro which supports ntfs format.........

    even i /m not able 2 install my graphics card drivers......i'm using nvidia geforce mx 4000...

    can u any one help me........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    uh what??
    so you formatted some partition into NTFS and mandriva isn't able to recognize it? Try adding the required lines to /etc/fstab and it should read it.
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    Sure i'll help: use better topic titles than
    plz help me..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I made my harddisk parition ntfs fomat.
    What do you mean with this? The windows-partition?
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    i'm affraid i have a couple of questions too, before i can answer this...
    you have made your fs an ntfs, what was it before.
    you have installed mandriva i can understand but if you already had xp installed before linux then mandriva should be able to see ntfs as it would find that partition and set fstab to see it and automatically mount it at boot up...
    have you looked in the mnt directory to see if it is there...
    the other things is, if you already had xp loaded and it wasnt ntfs but fat32, then you would have been better to have left it as fat32(if your happy using fat32) as linux can write to fat32 but you have problems writing to ntfs...
    now another question is did you re-install xp after you installed mandriva and if that is the case then you have to tell mandriva that xp is there, if thats the case then revert to a previous reply and alter fstab...

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