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    installing external serial modem

    Not sure if this is the right place to post.I have pclinuxos0.92.Heard it is mandrake(almost mandriva).A little info on this fact(true/false) would be welcome.
    Anyhow,my question probally doesn't matter which distro you use.
    I want to install a external serial modem.The instructions say to remove
    all previous modems and their drivers.Really don't want to do that if I can
    help it.Bought a SupraMax 56k (model SM56E).Have now a PCI SoftV92
    DataFax Modem with SmartCP.A winmodem that came with the machine.
    Sent a email to the company,24-48 hours for a reply.I'm ready to get going
    with linux now.A quick reply would be much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

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    Same modem and no help

    Linny, I also bought the supramax modem because it was listed on Tiger Direct's web site as being compatable, and also on the manufacturers site as well. The software that came with mine contained no linux driver, and I contacted the manufacturer about a month ago, and still have heard nothing.
    Don't count on them for any help.

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    That modem does work,and works well,at least it does for me.
    I installed the drivers while in windows.They did not install as the manual says
    they will,so I explored the cd for the drivers and installed them myself.
    The drivers are on the cd.
    As far as linux goes,I'm not sure which distro you are using.
    I am using pclinuxos,and after I installed the drivers in windows,I rebooted into
    linux,and from there set up my internet connection from within kppp.
    Pclinuxos(or kppp)immediately detected my external modem.
    It was a very easy setup.If you are using a different distro,anything I might say further concerning kppp may not be correct,so I can't say more.
    I am also very new to linux.Good luck,linny

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    Hi guys and welcome.
    As with most external serial modems, the software to run the hardware is already on the serial modem itself and does not require a driver installed in Windows or Linux to run under Linux. That's why external serial modems are such a good choice for Linux. They are true modems and not "Winmodems" requiring a Windows operating system to run. All that about removing pre-existing modems and their drivers doesn't apply to Linux only Windows. Happy surfing!
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    Thanks Dapper Dan,
    I thought linux didn't need drivers installed,when using a external modem,but I wasn't sure.linny

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