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    Verison PPPoE and Linux

    I have been dealing with Mandrake/Mandriva for a few years, now, however, my networking skills are far from professional.

    I have been using SBC Global PPPoE service for a few years. No problem. Mandrake set up perfectly and easy.

    I moved and am using my roommate's Verison Online service. Mandriva's PPPoE wizard doesn't connect.

    I dual-boot with WinXP. That is how I am connected at this time.

    Does anyone have any pointers I could try?

    OS: Mandriva 2006
    Hardware: built-in ethernet on motherboard (Intel), Verison's standard PPPoE modem.
    Pentium IV 2.0GHz. 512Mb RAM


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    same problem here! it seem that online version does not work on PPPoE

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    try keeping eth0/PPPoE off when booting up

    I use a PPPoE connection myself and the only way I could get it to work on Mandriva LE2005 is by having eth0 configured for PPPoE in the control panel but TURNED OFF during startup. I then go to the Network Status icon in the (KDE) toolbar next to the clock and manually turn on the connection whenever I need it, and then I open my web browser.

    My apologies if I don't have the names of the Linux/KDE items correct - I'm new to Linux and I'm currently surfing in OSX/Firefox for my dualboot iBook.

    1.2 GHz iBook G4 (PPC; early 2004)
    Mac OS X Panther 10.3.9
    Mandriva Linux LE2005 PPC
    Linux web browser: Mozilla 1.7.7

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    Are you using a Router or are you trying to use your Linux box to act as a router?

    I have noticed that some people try to avoid buying a router. If this is the case then buy a router it will save you maby headaches. If this is not the problem than I am out of answers. Sorry.

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    Just for the heck of it I installed Mandriva Linux Free 2007 on my old Dell Inspiron 4000 (Pentium III, 850 MHz) and hooked up to my same PPPoE connection and let Linux automatically hook up to the 'Net on boot - no problems. I still need to manually connect with my iBook (Mandriva LE2005)...after experimenting with PPC Linux versions (Mandriva and Yellow Dog) I think I'll stick with this Intel version and get rid of Linux on my iBook. As a n00b it's a little bit easier for me to learn Linux on the Intel side.

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