Hi Everyone,

I am trying to install Mandriva 2006 PP on a Dual Xeon System.

It installed like cake - no issues or anything. The issue arises after I select linux-smp at the boot menu. It does a BIOS check (successfully). Then it says "Uncompressing Linux ... Ok, booting the kernel." Then is just stops dead and hangs there - nothing happens.

I have very little experience with dual cpu systems (I was given this one (it is older) and had XP Pro on it for a number of months with zero is). I am running Mandrake on several other machines without an issue.

If someone can give me some ideas where I can start to figure out the issue it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the lack of info. on the problem - but pretty hard to give more info. when it dies right out of the gate.

System info.
Intel Xeon x2
2400 Mhz
6 Gig of RAM
Adaptec 7899W SCSI Controller
Gigabyte Mother board - 8IPPDR
ATI Rage XL video chip with 8MB memory
Dual Intel® 82545EM Gigabit Controller (ethernet)