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    Question 10.2 Boot up/Shut down interface

    This is an odd question, and me being somewhat new to linux, makes it even harder to ask, because im not even sure on the terminology.

    The part of the boot up/shut down interface that i am refering to, would be the part where it says, in short, for example:

    -example start
    Portmapper [FAILED]
    nntpd [ OK ]
    -example end

    it has the penguin background with a resized terminal window with a translucent dark blue background. I realized that it also can act as a terminal session, because i obviously did something wrong and it was waiting for wlan0 to become free, and kept repeating the same message, but also i could type and launch commands and whatnot. So how would I go about getting that screen, interface, skin, whatever you want to call it, in a normal terminal session? how would i get that interface to come up at all during a non startup/shutdown sequence? I know it cant be as hard as i think, because even the initial terminal session has a linux graphic in the lower right hand corner.

    If anyone knows how to do what i want, or ANY info on how that screen is brought up, let me know. I am very command line oriented, but jazzing up the interface would be nice.

    thanks for any help

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    Talking Wow...

    Well, i never thought i would find the answer before getting a single reply.

    But i got it, and for all 13 of u who peaked at my thread, 3 of which were me, the answer lies in "splash" command, the syntax:

    splash -s -u 0 /etc/bootsplash/themes/current/config/bootsplash-800x600.cfg

    assuming that path is correct anyways, and assuming thats the config file u wanna use. also, the "0" represents console 0, CTRL+ALT+F1, changing it doesnt make it work on other consoles, i dont know why, anyways, i found what i was looking for, thanks anyways. i guess the question now is how to i get it to default to that, even automating the command would be cool, i got it in a batch file right now, but it would be cool if i didnt have to type it every time.


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