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    Mandriva linux 2006 free freezes after instal

    I recently installed mandriva linux on my pc.
    first attempt: instalation worked fine until installing the bootloader. After instaling the bootloader i got the install summary which said that my graphic card is not configured so i started to select the rezolution, refresh rate and so on. Then i got prompted to test my configuration. I click yes and a black screen appears with some strangely collored lines (kinda freezed). I had no choise but to reboot my computer from the restart button.
    When prompted which system to start, i chosed linux and got a command prompt asking for my username and password. After the login i was able to write commands.. (i am a linux newbie.. so i typed help.. god rather confused .. and rebooted my pc; this time ctrl+alt+del worked )
    second attempt: i insert linux cd1 and when prompted to choose between instal or upgrade i choosed upgrade. This time i clicked no when asked to test my configuration and the instalation was completed, but when linux started i got a black screen with some stuff written (ex: checking..... [ok])
    third attempt: i install linux all over again, but this time i choose moke packages (especialy graphics) but i got the same screen as before
    I must mention that in those attampts i didn't choose any swap partition.
    last attempt: i chosed a swap partition, and now i don't even get the screen as before.. i only get a black screen and some weird collored lines.
    btw, is it possible that my video card (gforce mx 440 64 mb ram) is broken in some way(windows xp works fine)? I have knoppix on a bootable disc and that workes just fine.
    I read somewhere that if the screen goes horrible during a graphic test, pressing ctrl+alt+backspace will get me out of the test area, but that dosen't work for me.
    So if anybody can help me...

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    Hi - You might need to boot from your install disk, chose upgrade and configure your card in a bit more detail (it will let you do this). If you still have problems consider configuring your card to use VESA or something more basic. This should work as you're not using an unusual card. Have a few more goes.

    If you search in the forums you'll find that other people have solved this problem before. Good luck!
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    I tried booting from the cd and configureing the video card but that dosen't work. I also open failsafe, typed su, then drakx11 and tried configureing my graphic card from there, but when trying to test my configuration " hello black screen with lines ".
    How can i configure my card to use VESA? I tryed typeing video=vesa in failsafe, then typed kde, the black screen again(this time no lines:-/ )
    I also searched the forum for a sollution to this problem, and althought i found threads about this problem, i didn't find a clear sollution.

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