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    Remove Startup Logon??

    Hi, can anybody tell me how I can remove the logon when it starts up? I want to load Mandriva without having it require a username and pw to get access. Thanks.

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    Go to "Configure your computer."
    Log on as root.
    Click on "Boot"
    Click on "Enable Autologin..."
    Follow the instructions.

    Now someone tell me how to get rid of that noxious dead penguin...

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    What do you mean with "noxious dead penguin"...? Are you running 2005 LE? All graphics can be changed in Mandriva in a hurry.
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  4. $spacer_open
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    Yes, yes, and yes.

    I found a stash of bootsplash images at /usr/share/bootsplash/themes/Mandrakelinux/images. I suppose could save the old images and replace them with whatever I want, as long as it is the same size.

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    Same size and same resolution, otherwise you will get dropped into a non-graphical bootsplash. You can also install the bootsplash-themes package, so you can switch to other, already existing themes. Also, e.g. installing a new KDM theme will help you to get rid of the penguin. If you are using gnome, just install the gtweakui package and change the splash to any other pic you want to have as splashscreen. Same thing applies for the login-manager that can be changed by e.g. installing new themes for kdm or gdm., and have tons of stuff that you can use instead of the penguin.

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