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    Mandriva not booting


    I installed Mandriva 2006 free and didn't get any error message!!
    Then I pressed on reeboot (after I took out the cd) and everything starts normal.
    Linux seems to Boot and I also do not get an error message when I look at the verose mode.
    After I passed this stage I see the first screen (with the mouse pointer) and then the Screen starts flashing!!!
    It continous flashing, the monitor on and off in a few seconds intervall without booting any further...

    When I shut down the system manualy end then I press esc I see that error message:

    Stopping Shoreshell: ipt.ownersid,sid and command matching on STM is broken

    What going on??

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    Mandriva boot problem ..,.

    This sounds like it may be an X11 problem - have you tried hotkeying into a terminal prompt ( CTL-ALT-F2 for example)?
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    I am quite a newbie - how and when do I do that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimshon
    I am quite a newbie - how and when do I do that?
    You should be able to press CTRL-ALT-F2 anytime after you have booted, whether graphics is working correctly or not. That should get you a login prompt in text mode. This is a convenient way to fix various problems that prevent X (graphics) from starting up.

    Press CTRL-ALT-F7 (or maybe -F8) to return to graphic mode.

    On an unrelated note:
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