I've done a fresh install of Mandriva 2006 and am having a problem I don't understand how to resolve.

I can access the internet from the freshly installed machine - although it is fairly slow in responding. Everything else on the network is operating "normally." I can ping the Mandriva box with its static address from the Mandriva box itself. I can ping other machines on the network from the Mandriva box. However, none of the other machines can ping the Mandriva box -- causing some consternation.

Looking through the site (here) I saw references to configuration of the firewall -- which I turned off by during install. Logged in as root, I don't see any resources for managing inet services, including firewall options... I'm sure I'm missing something, since I'm not too familiar with this entire process. I just can't justify giving Bill any more money and want to find a workable solution...

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.