Hi everybody,

I am a fairly advanced windows user sorting out 90% of my own problems but I have only one installation of Mandrake to my credit and I only played with that for a little while and deleted it.

I want to install onto the 2nd partition of the Raid 0 drive, C:\ in windows. When I try to install the 64 bit dvd message is "Error in extended partition; bad magic No. on sda."

If I use the 32 bit, then message is "installing ck802 nvidia sata driver" (which is the correct Raid driver) and it hangs.

Also how do I direct the installation to a particular area of the disk? From what I glean it must be carefully prepared for linux to install itself there.

My system has 2 10,000 rpm sata WD Raptors for the raid (141GB) 1gb Ram, XP 4000 Athlon CPU and an MSI k8n sli platinum mobo

Thanks in advance