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    Question Programming in Linux

    I was wondering what you think is the best ide/compiler for linux as well as what would be the best ide to compile SDL, Opengl, Glut and other graphics libraries.


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    For a compiler, if you're using C, you're probably going to use gcc. For an IDE, it really depends how you define IDE. For some (such as myself), Vim and Emacs have enough functionality to serve as an IDE, but some prefer "full blown" IDEs like Eclipse or KDevelop.
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    totally agree with Javasnob -

    Eclipse - seems to be pretty flexible (Java - C - C++ etc)

    Netbeans - if you use Java

    vi/gcc/java if you are comfortable with the CL

    Also - there are all those new and different languages. Python, for example, has it's own editor...

    Have fun
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