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    help with drivers

    well im running PClinuxOS, which as far as i know is a branching off of mandriva(?) Anyway, since im totally new to linux and have never even taken a course in c++ or any computer language, i have no idea what im doing or looking at 85 percent of the time.

    ANYWAY, establishing the fact that im the biggest noob yet, i need some help. i recently bought a samsung 19 inch widescreen monitor, but im forced to have it set at 1024x768, the highest default resolution i can find in PClinuxOS. now, obviously the drivers dont work, so i was wondering if anybody knew of some, if i could find them somewhere, ANYTHING to get me even going in some kind of kind of disappointed that my 270 dollar monitor is only able to perform like a 15-inch bottom-feeding monitor. also, i need to find the drivers for my gpu, which hopefully have been written already (its an nvidia), and im wondering if the installation of this would allow me more options in terms of resolution. any kind of feedback would be helpful, THANKS!

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    Nvidia provides Linux drivers, so you should probably check if your distro has a specific installation method (Try If not, just go to Nvidia's site and follow their instructionis. Also, I'm not sure if PCLinuxOS uses XFree86 or Xorg (two different X servers), but you may have to modify /etc/X11/XF86Config or /etc/X11/xorg.conf in order to enable higher resolutions.
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    Try here - - excellent resource for all things pclinuxos
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    alright, thanks a lot, ill try for the monitor resolution, im still only able to set it to a max of 1024x768. any ideas on how i can change that?

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    alright well i was in synaptic, but the listed kernels were all installed then i searched for the rpms, and the first two were also installed already (the sharutils was installed too), so THEN, i searched nvidia and only found the kdedesktoptheme file. there was nothing about any rpms, so im a little confused.

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