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    File Permissions

    Hey all
    I am currently running Mandriva free and I have installed XAMPP on my system I have tried to access a folder that I have placed on my server and it is saying that I have forbidden access to it

    drwxrwxr-x 5 root root 4096 Jul 16 08:52 online/

    that is what I currently have for the file permission and I believe that I need to change the 5 to a 1

    Am I right?
    and if so can someone please tell me how to change it

    otherwise can someone tell me what I must do to access the folder?

    thanks in advance

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    Please ignore this now I have rectified the problem

    I done it by entering

    chown -R root /online

    thanks all those who viewed the problem

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    For next time ...

    Hey DarkPhantM:

    Next time you can try the chmod command like
    chmod a+w directory_name
    This would give all write permission (including you )

    man chmod
    for other options
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    Hi DarkPhantM,
    Read this also : -

    With Regards,

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