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    Video Problem plz help me

    Hi, so, I'm pretty much a newb when it comes to Linux. I am using Mandrake 10.1. In the beginning, all I wanted to do, was play a game. So, i had to go through all sorts of trouble, just to get the game installed. Then, I had to try and figure out how to install my gforce card. Then, I had to install the kernel thing. And this is the super short version. I am on day three, of trying to play one lousy game. Today is my birthday by the way, and im spending it yelling at my computer. So, I finally get my video card drivers installed. After, instead of going to Gnome, it goes to KDE or whatever, Ive never used KDE. It came up to a red screen with a pointer. I rebooted. It then came to Gnome. Only problem was that the screen was like 4 times bigger then my monitor's screen. So, I started trying to mess with the resolution settings. When I set it to 640/480 or whatever, and 24 bits, and then loged out and then in to Gnome. When I tried to "startx" it failed. Now I know, or at least think I know, that it failed because it couldnt handle those video settings. But, im on the black text only screen. I have no clue of how to set my resolution and such back to one that worked. Even if I did, why is my screen huge??? I am going crazy here. This is becoming rediculous. I need some help please!!! I mean geese, all I wanna do is play a video game, and instead of relaxing on my birthday, Im not even able to use my computer. Thank goodness I happen to have a windows computer here, so that I can get online and ask how to make this Linux Mandrake work. I mean, I dont mean this as an attack on Linux, I honestly dont, so dont take it that way please, but, its small wonder the average person doesnt use Linux. I mean, Ive been using computers all my life, and I can barely get this thing to do anything. I couldnt imagine the average person even begining to use Linux. You can call me a newb if you want, but Linux is hard to use, unless youve got a computer science master's degree. Anyway, please, I jus wanna get this thing working, and play a lousy game, please help. I will check for responces every 15 minutes. I dont have much else to do until I get my computer going. If you have questions for me, I will respond within 15 minutes or so. Thank you in advance. And, if a newbies oppinion counts, Linux is gonna have to make things much much easier, if they want to compete in the real world, but, then again, maybe Linux doesnt want to compete, I really dont know. K, bye.

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    Well... I'm goin to bed now...Ill check back tomorrow.

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