I have installed it on my laptop, I swap drives so I don't lose my Windows install (just in case), and all is well except for my built in wireless nic. Mandriva Free 2006 did not locate it. So after some reading I discovered that I can use ndiswrapper to install the windows driver. So I have installed/complied it on the system. It is installed/complied and I was able to load the driver from command line.

When I go to use the Wireless Network tool it says that I need to configure a network setting. So I go to do that and it asks me if I want to use ndiswrapper to load the Windows Driver. I select the driver and when I click next I get a small window that states:

Unable to find the ndiswrapper interface!

I have searched here, other boards, and Google-ed the topic, no luck. Does anyone have any idea on what the interface is I need? My understanding was when I loaded the driver by command line I was set. But my knowledge on this in a Linux world is Nil!

Any help is greatly appreciated!