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    installing from dvd image

    i'm trying to install mandriva from the dvd image. I inserted the dvd into the drive. The dvd autoplays, and comes up with a screen from where i can basically choose from options like "install mandriva linux", "install mandriva linux using floppy" etc.
    But for some reason, clicking on "install mandriva linux" does nothing. the other links such as "discover our online store" and "receive assistance" seem to work fine. please help!! Should I be booting from the dvd in order for that option to work?

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    You need to put in the DVD and reboot your computer, making shure that your computer can boot off a CD (or DVD inthis case), so yes you should boot off the dvd in order for that to work.
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    Installing Mandrake ...

    vinkrish - sounds like you may be new to this ... If so, just know that this forum is here to help with any problems you may have. If you are a nubie, just say so. Most of us still remember that we were all nubes at one time

    Be aware that you should do a *full* backup b4 installing Linux on your windows box - even if you plan a dual boot - accidents can happen, and in this case they are usually total.

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    thanks guys! successfully running mandriva 2006 and playing around right now

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