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    Exclamation Embedded application -->Help Pls

    Hi everyone.

    I have a some questions ragarding my application , hope this is the right place for this
    .This is an embedded application which runs on a SBC.
    Application basically listens RS232 and parses incoming data.And when USB is inserted , automaticaly detects and transfers those files to USB. I can connect to this computer by ethernet (using software called putty over SSH). Up to here everything works fine.Now the questions are

    1-I want my application to start as fast possible and remove all unnecessary components. For that reaons I removed KDE , Officeworkstation.Only development SSH and Webmin packages are selected.Despite this , it takes almost 105 seconds to come up with login prompt. Can I make it faster ?
    2-I want my application to run automatically and get rid of login prompt. I want to access as a root without asking password or anything. Since I don't have a monitor , keyboard or mouse in this PC i can't respond to any system question/prompt . Is that possible ?

    3-Is this the right model ? In fact I want to use an RTOS for this but couldn't find a free that can use my existing codes written in C.

    PS: Manrake 10.1 with Kernel 2.6

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    It sounds like you are not doing anything graphical, so you should not have X running. I think the best way to do that is to use runlevel 3. Modify the line in /etc/inittab like this:


    I believe (I haven't done this) that you can make the serial port an autologin port something like this (also in /etc/inittab):

    1:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty --autologin username tty1

    There's more information from commands 'man 5 inittab' and 'man mingetty'.

    I would also run this command to verify you have most servers turned off, if they are even installed:

    # chkconfig --list

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