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    Lead me through!

    Ok guys, I downloaded the Mandriva One iso and had it burn to a CD.
    Works fine.
    I put the CD into my computer and it starts up from the CD.
    When it comes to the press enter bit it just asks all my details on where I live and what keyboard I would like to use and thats it, it then starts up.
    I am just wondering now how to get to the next stage where I can use Mandriva without the CD.

    Please start from the start and we can see how it goes.

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    Defrag your drive (if you have Windows installed), create some free space for Mandriva and off you go. (If you don't have a partitioner available, Mandriva has a very good one that can shrink Windows XP partitions in a hurry. All included in the CD).

    Mandriva One has an icon on the desktop for installing it on your desktop. Use that or download the free 3-CD version and perform an installation with those CDs.
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    OK, got that done (using the live install icon).
    Now it says to reboot the computer and take the disk out and start it back up again.
    Here is where I hit a problem.
    It starts up into the bios starting thing and asks me for the login and password.
    I didn't enter one during the install and I have no idea what it is mean't to be but it asks for one anyway.

    Whats wrong and how do I get it to be normal?

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    Huh? After a reboot you should have been greeted by a configuration dialogue where you set up the password. Look there:

    I wonder if you accidently downloaded the beta release, which had a broken installer (no passwords set!). Perhaps you should check the CD release version again and - if it is the beta - download the 3CD release, which installs in 5-15 minutes (depending on your personal package selection options).
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    I'm downloading the 3 cd free version now, another hour left or so.

    Thanks for your help.

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    To think this is just the start of your journey...I have come a long way now....however I did not have this problem when installing.....Best advice is to install as much as possible that is there cause your gonna need it...good luck

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