Hello, I have a problem, and I know it is common. I have a Compaq R4012us laptop, which has a built in Broadcom WiFi adapter. I have heard that Broadcom makes a point to produce NOTHING to help with drivers in linux, and have tried a few ways around that. I hear that the util 'ndiswrapper' works well, but am unable to install it, and has tried 'driver source' and also, am unable to install it. So, does anyone have an alternate to either of these (I am new to Linux, but understand how to run 'run' files (sh filename.run) and to unpack rpm's (rpm filename.rpm) but thats baout it!)

Thank you for your time!


I am following the install directions here and, my system is missing 'make' so i cant compile them to run then. how would I go about adding make?