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    WHere is mandriva boot loader pse?

    I usually put bootloaders into the root partitions of my distros. These are usually stored in /boot/grub/menu.lst.
    having recently installed mandriva, I installed Grub into the root partition. I've been gettting familiar with mandriva. I now want to edit (tidy up) the mandriva bootloader but I cant find a /boot/grub/menu.lst file.
    /boot/grub contains just two files: a Grub splash file and a menu.lst.example (which is not the menu.lst I am using).
    I've searched for menu.lst but without success.
    Can anyone pse tell; me what is it called in mandriva / where is it stored?
    I've searched around, inc the Grub manual but cant find a reference to where it is stored.

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    You could be using LILO instead of GRUB. Mandriva is one of the few distros that still defaults to LILO if you don't explicitly choose GRUB as your bootloader. You can change this by running the MAndrake Control Center and tinkering with the bootloader settings.

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    Hi - I know what you mean: I've had this problem before. For some reason Mandriva seems to store the file you refered to in a strange location. I can't remember where it is, but I can tell you how to find it:

    log in as root using a terminal:

    Then do: find / -name menu.lst -print

    This tells your system to search your entire file system - from the root directory downwards - for the file menu.lst ... Then it asks it to print the results to Standard Output. You can use wildcards too: for example:
    find / -name menu.* -print should find it.

    For further find related tricks try man find. Hope this helps.
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    still cant find bootloader

    daark.child / fingal
    Thanks for the replies.
    I am using Grub - not LILO.

    I had already tried to find it using GREP and FIND.
    I tried both variations of FIND you suggested fingal, but none of the files listed is the right one.

    It is not causing me any bother - I just want to remove unnecessary entries from the bootloader - but I would like to know where this is stored in case I need to make a real change to it at some stage.


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    menu.lst IS located in /boot/grub/ in Mandriva if grub was installed properly. Are you sure that you have grub properly installed?
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    I don't understand!!!

    Hi Kojac
    It is not in my /boot/grub. This has just 2 entries - /boot/grub/mdv-grub_splash.xpm.gz and
    /boot/grub/menu.lst.example. (And I have ticked view hidden files just in case.)

    To explain my setup:
    sda9 is fedora core 5
    sda10 is Suse 10.1
    sda11 is Ubuntu 6.06.1
    sda12 is Mandriva
    sda7 is a shared (data) partition.

    With each installation I install Grub in the new system's root partition.
    I have a Grub loader in sda7 which chainloads these distros.
    When installing mandriva I told it to install Grub in sda12.

    Everything is working correctly. I can load each of these systems, including Mandriva - this communication is coming from mandriva.
    So where is mandriva's menu.lst?


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    Quote Originally Posted by nomadic
    So where is mandriva's menu.lst?

    It has to be there somewhere. Is it possible that the file is no longer called 'menu.lst'? I seem to remember that was the solution for me ... It depends on which version of the manual you're reading. I had the same problem a couple of years ago, and obviously there must be a configuration file somewhere for GRUB to work in the first place.

    Is the file now called 'grub.conf'?
    I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

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    I feel like an idiot!!!!!!!!!!

    daark.child, fingal, Kojak

    I've discovered why I cant find /grub/menu.lst - apparently I selected Lilo (or did not specify Grub) at installation.
    I found my bootloader file in /etc/lilo.conf.

    I would have bet my favourite golf club that I selected Grub - I must be slipping.

    Thanks for your replies.
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