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    I seem to be having trouble installing WINE. I'm running Mandriva i586 and I installed WINE, as all the old EXE files have a wine glass icon now. But, when I go and double click on it, WINE comes up, minimized, in the taskbar, it runs, but nothing actually happens, that I can see. Anyone have similar troubles or know how to fix it?

    Also, I'm having a huge amount of trouble installing Netzero. If anyone knows how to install Netzero on this release of Mandriva, I'd really like to know how to do it. I need dial-up.... badly. I connect through ethernet at school, but at home, I need to be able to use dial-up.

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    Hi - WINE can appear to behave a little oddly at times. Sounds like you're using the graphical version (XWine) ... which I never had much luck with myself.

    What I suggest is that you open a terminal and navigate to the directories which contain your *.exe(s) ... Then try running an *.exe from the command line like this - assuming a package called 'tryme.exe':

    wine tryme.exe

    See what kind of output you get and post it in here. This is a good way to find out what's going wrong. It might just be that you've copied the executables but don't have permission to run them yet:

    chmod u+x tryme.exe

    I used to find my packages in a directory called .wine To locate this you might need to use the command ls -al to list all your files; including hidden ones.

    Can't help with Netzero but suggest you search for an rpm package using Google.

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    In case you're wondering why I suggest using a terminal, GUIs often give little or no feedback about problems. The terminal will print error messages to STOUT (Standard Output) which can give you a head start in problem solving.
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    wine: wineprefixcreate failed while creating '/root/.wine'.

    is the output I get from my command line when I try to use any 'WINE something' command. Any suggestions to help create this directory?

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