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    Install .bz2 package: nitty-gritty details

    I originally put this *.bz2 package in my home/downloads directory, and unpacked it there. The resulting directory listing was:

    ./* msms001.vwp tvqdec.dll vsshdsd.dll
    ../ VDODEC32.dll vsslight.dll icmw_32.dll nsrt2432.acm vdowave.drv vsswlt.dll
    alf2cd.acm imc32.acm qpeg32.dll vid_3ivX.xa* wma9dmod.dll
    aslcodec_dshow.dll ir41_32.dll qtmlClient.dll ViVD2.dll wmadmod.dll
    atrac3.acm ir50_32.dll QuickTimeEssentials.qtx vivog723.acm wmsdmod.dll* ivvideo.dll QuickTimeInternetExtras.qtx vmnc.dll wmspdmod.dll
    AvidQTAVUICodec.qtx jp2avi.dll QuickTime.qts wmv9dmod.dll
    BeHereiVideo.qtx LCMW2.dll README vp4vfw.dll wmvadvd.dll
    CLRVIDDC.DLL LCODCCMW2E.dll rt32dcmp.dll vp5vfw.dll wmvdmod.dll
    clrviddd.dll lhacm.acm* vp6vfw.dll wnvwinx.dll* lsvxdec.dll vp7vfw.dll wvc1dmod.dll
    CtWbJpg.DLL m3jp2k32.dll* vssh264core.dll
    DECVW_32.DLL mi-sc4.acm* vssh264dec.dll* msh261.drv* vssh264.dll
    [Fri Sep 01::lowell:~/downloads/essential-20060611

    The only "use as directed" file I could ID was README:

    - - - - - - -
    These are binary codecs for use with MPlayer. They are useless for normal
    Windows players (like WMP, QuickTime, RealPlayer, ...) as they only contain
    the DLLs without installer and other fancy stuff needed to use them with
    common Windows players.

    Put the files contained in this archive in a directory where MPlayer will find
    them. The default directory is /usr/local/lib/codecs/ ($prefix/lib/codecs/) if
    you are compiling from source, but you can change that value by passing the
    '--with-codecsdir' option to './configure'.

    If you use a prebuilt MPlayer package it will most likely be /usr/lib/codecs,
    see the documentation of your package for details.

    In the past /usr/local/lib/win32 or /usr/lib/win32 was the default directory,
    some packages as well as a few other Unix players like xine and avifile still
    use it, refer to their documentation for further details.
    - - - - - - -

    So, now what? Do I go up to /usr/local/lib and blindly create a directory '/codecs'/ or do I have to research back to where-ever and find out if the intended package will actually look there? What would guide me to know where to google?

    I attempted this command, "./configure --with-codecsdir" (as suggested above) but got nowhere-including being told (which I see to be true) that there is no 'configure' command in that directory. So, what do I do next? I don't even understand enough to know where to begin looking/googling, manpaging, etc.

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    So, now what? Do I go up to /usr/local/lib and blindly create a directory '/codecs'/
    yeah ! create a directory 'codecs' in 'lib'....... read README file and follow instructoins..... you are not creating this folder Blindly.....

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