I am trying to install 10.1 Official on an HP DL140 server with the following specs:

Xeon 2.8 Ghz processor
4 GB Ram
2 80 GB SATA drives

The installer loads and begins but when checking the hardware it comes up with the following "NO CDROM FOUND" --"OK"
choose "OK" and "Please insert the additional drivers floppy" -- "OK"
choose "OK" and There is no detected floppy drive or no floppy disk in drive. Retry?" -- "YES, NO, Back"

The BIOS is already set to have the CDROM as the first boot device, it is booting fine as the installer is running (there is no OS installed).

I have also tried using F1 from the installer and typing "linux noapic acpi=off" and the same messages above come up.

Any help would be appreciated.