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    hard drive reading problem

    i have 2 hard drives in my computer, i wanted to duelboot windows and linux so i installed linux to my second hard drive, there were no problems except that windows no longer recognizes my second hard drive, also, the "konquerer" or whatever its called doesnt see the hard drive its installed on, i dont know if its supposed to or not...

    so my question is how to i make windows read the hard drive or uninstall linux and format it.

    i already tried to format it with fdisk, but fdisk doesnt see it. im really stumped, please help

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    The reason Windows does not see your Linux system is that Windows does not "know" the Linux-filesystems by default. Windows can basicaly only recognize FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS while Linux uses ext2, ext3, ReiserFS, Reiser4 and others. Thus you will need third party tools that allow you to see Linux partitions from Windows.

    Mandriva and other Linuxes can see Windows partitons and write to them (FAT32 is basically no problem, NTFS can be tricky, depending on the distro). The reason why you do not see the Windows partitions by default is that they need to be mounted first. In your systems /etc/fstab file, all mounted partitions are defined. The Windows partition will not be listed there by default for security reasons. You can mount the partition easily: Open the MCC (aka "configure your computer"), go the hardware section, filesystems and mount the windows-drive from there with a mouse click.

    Basically, the best way for such dual-boot systems is to have Windows on one drive with an additional FAT32 partition for filesharing between Windows and Linux. That file can easily be accessed by both operating systems.

    Take a look at this guide, too:
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    Hi !!

    as Kajok wrote, you can share data between Linux and Windows....... mount windows partitions. you can read and write in FAT32, its like a common partition for both you wont need windows to see Linux partitions......

    dont format LInux drive coz you wrote that you have dual boot and everything fine except data sharing....... but if you really wanna format Linux Disk then download GParted .iso image, burn it, boot up through it and delete/format all partition of Linux disk.....

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