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    getting new install [tar.gz] package to actually work

    have just installed a calculator emulator (that I got from freshmeat) called pgcal. Install was on my Mandrake 10.1 install. The installation (./configure, make, make install) was declared successful by the flickering lights that emerged, that I truly do not have a clue to understand. The last bit of advice offered me was:

    ************************************************** **************************
    * *
    * PG Calculator has been installed. *
    * *
    * There are 7 skins installed with PG Calculator: *
    * - default (to run type 'pgcalc2' without options) *
    * - Metallic (to run type 'pgcalc2 --skinname=Metallic') *
    * - BHP49G (to run type 'pgcalc2 --skinname=BHP49G') *
    * - HP48GX (to run type 'pgcalc2 --skinname=HP48GX') *
    * - HP49G+ (to run type 'pgcalc2 --skinname=HP49G+') *
    * - CFX-9850GB+ (to run type 'pgcalc2 --skinname=CFX-9850GB+') *
    * - FX20 (to run type 'pgcalc2 --skinname=FX20') *
    * *
    * !!! Warning: skinname is CASE SENSITIVE !!! *
    * *
    ************************************************** **************************

    Now, what do I do next. Typing any of the above offerings (on the command line) got the predictable warning "No such command". I can find nothing on the GUI side (my HOME file) that wants to begin executing this app. What do I do????????????????

    <edit> I found what appeared to be an executable blot. My attempts to activate it were returned with the error message, "Error in file [default/skin.csk] or file doesn't exist". The term 'skin.csk' is consistent with the filenames for the skintypes.

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    Hello - so did you try typing just pgcalc2 ? If that didn't work you might have to track down the programme in whatever directory it's in and run it from there. Commonly, programme files end up in /usr/bin so try typing:


    That may work. If not then can you see the general principle? Programmes can be run from inside individual directories by using the ./ prefix. Just some generic ideas to help you along. I haven't seen this programme before.

    You could enter the /usr/bin directory like so: cd /usr/bin

    Then do: ls -al to list all the files in there. If you have trouble tracking down the programme you might have to run the find command:

    find / -name *pgcalc* -print
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