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    Folder permission problem

    Hi guys

    I am pretty new to linux environment, I have got mandrake as my server, the problem I have is I have just uploaded new web-based database, I have used the folder name as the ower and the group, so when u type its ip address on any brower it works fine. but inside this folder there ia another one which it need to be accessed, example when somebody types ip address let say it works fine but if there is faq folder inside but when u type it tells me: -


    You don't have permission to access /faq/ on this server.

    they said it chmod 777 or something like that, the thing is lm new with linux can somebody help me step by step like l am 4 years old how can l permit this folder so it can be accessed? or what is wrong since the main folder is accessed fine but it sub-folder isnt they both under same ower and group.


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    Bring up a terminal window
    Change to user root
    su -
    ( enter root's password )

    I believe Mandriva uses /var/www for where web pages are kept.
    With html stuff in /var/www/html

    cd /var/www
    ll ( that's lower case LL )
    note down the user and group for html

    ll html
    note down what the owner and group are for the files.

    You can then change the owner and group for these files with
    chown -R html ( substituting with the owner and group you want

    or you can change the permissions for these with

    chmod -R 777 html/* although I think this change could be a security problem!!!!!!!!

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