Hi all,

I'll start with the obligitary, telling everyone a noob and so information has got to be pretty basic :S

I'm attempting to install Mandriva Free 2006 64BIt on a dual boot on my newly put together 64Bit PC. When I install it, it goes through fine, on my first boot it loads the first screen fine, on the second loading screen it starts to load for a second, goes black, starts again, goes black etc etc, for all eternity (well, 10 mins, then I got bored of watching).

I did some research on the forum and people have had this problem and it's to do with low memory in the graphics card. So I've installed again with low settings (Vesa server as no propriatory drivers and 800x600 res (1024x768 still crashed)), now it boots fine. The problem is I cant set the res to any higher than 800x600 when I'm in and, I have a nVidia Geforce 7300GT with 256MB Memory, surely this can handle higher settings? It does on the Windows boot (Shame that's all Windows have got going for them).

Is there a way around this? Should I be using a different server like VGA? Any advice to help me out of this little problem would be much appreciated.

In case it's needed, some of my other specs are:

CPU: AMD Athlon 64Bit 3800+

And I'm using the GRUB boot loader (doubt that will make much difference, but it cant hurt to say)