Apologies for jumping in on this thread, but I hate to start a new one if the problem has already been addressed here...

I am running a Dual-boot machine with winxp and Mandriva 2007; it has an integrated network adapter, and an add-on 3com network card as well.

I have a second machine with vector linux 5.8

I built a crossover cable to connect the vector linux to the xp/mandriva machine.

In XP, with ics enabled, the vector linux machine is able to get online with no trouble.
However, if I boot up to mandriva, the vector linux machine cannot connect.

I followed the steps posted by sinekt; no joy.

Am I missing something obvious on the mandriva setup?
I hate to change the vectorlinus settings, since it connects through XP with no problems, so there must be something missing in the mandriva machine.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.