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    Mandriva 2007 free - Internet problem

    Hi there!

    I'm kinda new to linux(i have tryed mandrake once before) and have just installed Mandriva 2007 on my pc.

    My problem is that i havn't got any connection to the internet. I got connection to my router, but not the net.

    Or i do got a connection to the internet but i can only reach the default site( before it goes away.

    I have tried to ping difrent site's and get alot respons back but after some seconds i looks like it just lost the connection and then it's back after a while.

    My lan driver is a Intel Gigabyte Ethernet pro/1000 model number 82547EL.

    Anyone knows what the problem might be?

    Ps. i have tried installing som linux drivers, but it keeps comming with an error while i am using the command: make install.... Something about kernel source not found.

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    It was a good idea to ping a few sites ... This can help you decide if you can reach the outside internet. It sounds like you might be using a USB modem/router which personally I don't like to use, but you've got what you've got.

    Some programmes need kernel source code in order to compile properly. This is available on your installation disk. If you go to System>Configuration>Packaging>Install Software you should find what you're looking for there ... but you'll need to search for it. It's probably called 'Kernel source' .

    Have you tried loading up any webpages using a browser? I recommend that you try Konqueror rather than Firefox to start with. Sometimes Firefox has a couple of settings that you need to change before you can connect properly.

    Personally I've found that connection problems can be resolved using a combination of the
    dhcpcd command, the ifconfig command and ping (which you've tried).

    You will need to use a terminal (looks like a tv screen as an icon) and do:

    <enter your root password>
    ifconfig eth0 up
    dhcpcd -d
    ping www.website_of_your_choice

    It might not be as simple as that, but these commands are quite useful! To bring the network down again type ifconfig eth0 down . Note that using dhcpcd with the -d option should produce useful output to help you diagnose connection problems.
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