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    program autorun on boot

    i need some help on how can i autorun a program when my linux box boots...

    let say like a simple command "/usr/local/bin/./program"


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    is this at boot, or on login to something like KDE? If it's something like logon to KDE, then you could put a script in /home/user/.kde/Autostart (i think it is). Then when you log into KDE, it will run through all the scripts in that folder. if it's at boot, you will be best off writing an init script for it. Unless it has some setting within the program to start it on boot.
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    it's just want a plain more settings... and it's upon on boot not on kde....

    let's say i need to run /root/foo/./proggy upon boot which will just run in the background

    but ./proggy needs the file proggy.cfg which is inside /root/foo/


    thank you very much for the quick reply

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    OK, what i *think* you can do for this is put the program executable in rc.conf (somewhere in the /etc directory)

    Just put an entry in there for:

    note there's no need for the ./ in the path, since you're explicitly telling it where the executable is.

    The reason you will run "./proggy" in the /root/foo directory is simply because "/root/foo" isn't in the PATH environment variable.
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    hi there,

    i can't find my rc.conf... is there any way or another way....?

    thanks again

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    anyone here......

    thanks in advance

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